Women Executives Testimonials

View the testimonials of our international women executives vetted by Female Executive Search and the return on experience!

Beatrice, COO, France

Beatrice Devillon-Cohen, COO, France

France Dequilbec is a kind, inspiring and enthusiastic former CEO who is passionate about gender diversity and helping senior female leaders develop their potential and break the glass ceiling. Through Female Executive Search she is pushing for a unique digital and fast responding model of C-suite recruitment. But importantly, she knows that along this new and more agile model it is strategic to develop long term relationships with her candidates to create a trustful environment.


Valérie, Business Development Director, France Valérie Lejeune, Business Development Director, France

As a woman trying to progress to a senior position in the industry is difficult. Thanks to the support of France Dequilbec, managing Director at Female executive search, I am better prepared for the next step in my career path: a job as Chief Innovation Officer. France challenged me to come up with a professionally hard-hitting executive CV, to create an attractive video, which was very impactful: 591 likes, 9000 contacts, 744 interactions, 10 shares. She gives me confidence, words of encouragement, will to go further, plus current facts concerning gender equality. Even if I am aware of glass ceiling which bars women from advancement, I remain focused on positive things with a strong determination and on open mind to succeed at high level for the benefice of the companies and the society.


Viviane Strickfaden, CEO, France Viviane Strickfaden, CEO, France

CEO Worldwide and Female Executive Search are "makers" in a world of "sayers", real partners. Their approach allowed me to become aware of unexplored talents, to discover more of my potential. Thanks to the time France Dequilbec gave me, to her encouragement, I dared to use the video to present several of my facets. I acquired a new skill by "having fun". Her kind advice has also allowed me to progress in the formalization of my ideas into insight papers. I wish every executive the opportunity to have such an enriching and rewarding experience. Thank you to the whole team and especially to you France, for your commitment and your unfailing support.


Virginie Bergeron, CFO, France Virginie Bergeron, CFO, France

France Dequilbec is a passionate professional on a mission. She definitely makes a difference by the quality of her interpersonal skills and dedication to her goal. She's curious about the people she interacts with and is quick to grasp what is at stake for them. She has been very helpful to me in giving me visibility and exposure on CEO Worldwide and I have felt heard and understood at every step of the process. I would work with her again with great pleasure and trust.


Rita Bele-Zongodono, Business Development Director, FranceRita Bele-Zongodono, Business Development Director, France

About France Dequilbec? Wonderful! She did not hesitate one second to provide me with high quality guidance and help out with my young professional career growth, simply because she truly believed in my capacities to take off! Trust is a fundamental pillar for anyone who wants to move forward. Actually, France did not help me getting “THE” job within “THE” company, she did more than this, she awakened a long-buried desire for autonomy! A new step to entrepreneurship is cooking, MERCI France


Nina Gouas, Business Development Director, France Nina Gouas, Business Development Director, France

I had the opportunity to work with France Dequilbec and the experience I had with her can't be compared to anything I have experienced so far. France's commitment to help women is so inspiring. She challenged me to go to the next level and helped me with my personal branding.


Marie-Thérèse Caron, CFO, France Marie-Thérèse Caron, CFO, France

I got in contact with CEO Worldwide through France Dequilbec who did assist and support me in applying : she followed the different steps of my application, providing me feedback on a very nice and accurate manner ; I first was very happy to meet her but then had the pleasure to be very gently supported as she did not hesitate to contact me from her own side in order to make me finalize my profile. I can only recommend you to proceed to your application as from her advises.


Anne-Claire Humeau, CEO, France Anne-Claire Humeau, CEO, France

The first point that gets your attention when you start with CEO Worldwide is that you have at least to give three references with phones numbers. The first step is to check your references. As a leader, I have to make recruitment. I am secure with this step. I am a senior female. That is not a problem for France Dequilbec; these are two qualities! France works with you on your research. France will not hesitate to challenge you as she did for the first CV Video I made. I could count her help and pure benevolence. I know that CEO worldwide will support me for the benefit of their clients. That is a strong point for the success of the missions that are often quite challenging!


Giovanna Questioni, Business Development Director, Italy Giovanna Questioni, Business Development Director, Italy

Female Executive Search is an innovative international platform supporting female executive in their career advancement. What set their team apart is a friendly and professional approach, coaching attitude and the "think outside the box" style. I recommend them to all female executive that are working on personal improvement and empowerment.


Pascale Etemad, COO, France Pascale Etemad, COO, France

I have had the pleasure to discuss with France Dequilbec several times while I was looking for opportunities. France is professional, open minded and client oriented. France focuses on the strengths of the applicant and provides creative inputs. She has high moral standards and cares about the success of her candidates.


Nandini Colin, Human Resources Director, India/France Nandini Colin, Human Resources Director, India/France

Let me take this opportunity to highlight your own engagement France Dequilbec, and the unique work you do for Female Executive Search at CEO Worldwide. You have created this unique space where the best of ourselves develop as candidates. It is a safe environment, welcoming differences and our true selves. A real focus on talent to blossom. Bravo!


Elodie Loing, COO/Managing Director, France Elodie Loing, COO/Managing Director, France

#francedequilbec Thank you for your actions and ethics! I am very proud to be part of hashtag #CEOworldwide transformation executives.


Ghislaine Couvreur, CEO of VimaGhislaine Couvreur, CEO of Vima

My whole experience with CEO Worldwide & Female Executive Search has been very positive. Through their network I have secured a highly interesting CEO role, working in Switzerland in the Artificial Intelligence sector. Initially secured as an 6-month interim to permanent CEO assignment opportunity, this has now been made a permanent role. For companies wishing to attract diverse talent - and to tap into a new pool of international candidates - I'd highly recommend working with CEO Worldwide & Female Executive Search. Whilst for candidates, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and be considered for a range of international positions.


Asha, CEO, IndiaAsha, CEO, India

I have been associated with France Dequilbec over the last 5 years. Her commitment to CEO Worldwide and Female Executive Search to seeing women leaders take on board roles is amazing. The work that she is doing is a great cause because we see gender parity catching up to some extent in middle management levels but when it comes to board roles, numbers are still a far cry from where we should be considering the demography ratio. I wish France great success in her mission and endeavors.


Amanda, CEO, AustraliaAmanda, CEO, Australia

It was great to discover that at last an organisation had decided to focus on female executives and their promotion within organisations. From our very first contact, I was greeted with professionalism, courtesy and efficiency. Qualities that are not to be underestimated in today's market. Thank you France for your great job and support.


Cristina, COO-MD, RomaniaCristina, COO-MD, Romania

You’ll find a passionate community here, ready to help you and open to any feedback you may have. France Dequilbec’s drive to put female executives in the spotlight is genuine and strong. It’s not a one-way street. You’ll feel the implication for your success and you can always ask for help or advice. I am delighted to see such commitment. Thank you!


Shantha, CEO, India

Having grown up the ranks to reach the level of a CEO, I understand the effort it takes to get there and on an individual capacity I support every individual who has a dream to get there. I often come across situations where women who are talented, give up their dreams midway to accommodate domestic affairs and other reasons, just because they are women or they simply face indecisiveness in terms of pursuing their careers. Being a CEO of a Multi National Logistics firm, I believe in gender equality and I undertake upon myself to motivate people along the path of their careers.

It has been a great privilege to be associated with CEO WORLDWIDE . Their initiative, 'Female Search Executive', helps bridge the gap of progressive employers and talent amongst the women. This platform enables women to showcase their professional talent where they can list their profile, share their best practices and exhibit their skills. The platform showcases their participation at conferences, panel discussion accolades drawn and awards won. Through this executive search they can search for opportunities in the global arena and can become a part of the community of like minded people.

I have witnessed the activities of Female Search Executive and greatly appreciate their creative and consistent pursuit of excellence.


Viviane de Beaufort, Research Professor - Essec Business School, FranceViviane de Beaufort, Research Professor - Essec Business School, France

A sincere and persistent commitment to salute! I am very happy to have accepted after a long discussion with you France Dequilbec to be one of the sponsors. Well done for the job and what remains to be done together.


Rebecca, Sales & Marketing Director, USARebecca, Sales & Marketing Director, USA

I was impressed that Female Executive Search platform is dedicated to female executives, which is less common in the industry. I appreciated that the team actively promotes female candidates to increase digital exposure. The firm features a female executive of the month on the website, social media and the newsletter. They are very focused on DEI. I encourage candidates and employers to explore this platform.I was impressed that Female Executive Search platform is dedicated to female executives, which is less common in the industry. I appreciated that the team actively promotes female candidates to increase digital exposure. The firm features a female executive of the month on the website, social media and the newsletter. They are very focused on DEI. I encourage candidates and employers to explore this platform.