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In this SlideShare, INSEAD takes a look at the persistent myths about women in business that need to be shattered and replaced with clear facts.

Organisations perform better when women have the same opportunities to climb the ranks and take a lead. Join the growing group of progressive companies that promote diversity in their top positions. Meet our women leaders.


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Beyond the glass ceiling: why we need women at the top

Women are better educated and more active in the labour force than ever, and are increasingly working in managerial roles.

Women in Business and Management: The business case for change

Our second global report on Women in Business and Management offers new insights into how gender diversity at the top improves organizational performance.

Essence of innovation in supply chain management

Written by Shantha Martin I keep going back to innovation…and I am sure you’ll be wondering, WHY?? It is simply so, because if it wasn’t for innovation, we wouldn’t have progressed thus far,…

Probing the Minds of Elected Women Representatives on Village Councils in India

This paper aims to probe the minds of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) , the harbingers of change in rural political governance in India.

Women QUOTAS or /and efficiency on BOARDS?

The Project of law on French boards gives an occasion to exchange some views on women’s quotas but moreover to give ideas on ways to improve corporate governance on boards.

Women and their relationship to Power: Taboo or new Corporate Governance Model?

The rise of women in places of power creates an interest in looking at women’s relationship to power in a still “masculine” model.

HR: useless people and pain in your neck? Prompt the change!

In your company, HR people are (almost) useless! It is true! HR are a cost center: you have to pay the members of the team and to allocate them offices and equipment. HR are a pain in your neck!

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, what for???

For a lot of companies, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development remain relatively vague concepts. They speak about it, they think of it, but they are very few to set up a true strategy.

Data, a key component the company’s intangible assets

Prior to the “big data”, predominant in an information society, a knowledge economy, where a real “war of knowledge” reigns, the control of its data…

Where are the Women… Capable of being Corporate Directors?

One article among others in France highlights “A scarcity of women with CEO’s experience, one of the profiles that companies are seeking widely for their board of directors”.

Slide show: 7 deadly myths about women

In this SlideShare, INSEAD takes a look at the persistent myths about women in business that need to be shattered and replaced with clear facts.

Videos: GEMBA women

Discover a Life Without Limites is an INSEAD video series that encourages women to pursue professional and personal growth.

Slide show: The rise of women in leadership

Women make up half of middle management, yet less than ten per cent of the C-suite. So what’s stopping them from stepping up and taking on more roles at a senior level?

Article: Dare to be bold

Career advice for women from some of INSEAD’s leading female alumni.

Slide show: 5 ways to achieve self-empowerment for women

Insights from research papers and articles around the world offer five ways in which women can empower themselves.

Multicultural and International character, and practices used to foster equal opportunities and respect for diversity

How can we encourage individual expression in the knowledge that some cultures are more inward-looking?

How to make the brand turnaround on the first biggest Global Market after US?

Work place is competitive for all (men and women) and what will make a difference is results.

Business development in biotech – a competitive advantage?

Is the cost of hiring a Business Development Manager justified by the value the function brings to a biotech company?

Transformational leadership: a challenging restructuring story

Charting the cultural, brand and resourcing challenges of a major business change.

What holds women back in business?

Some of the most powerful people in the world are women. So why do they represent just 5% of the CEO roles in Fortune 500 businesses?

Why aren’t there more women on boards?

We investigate the reasons behind the lack of gender diversity at the highest level of business.

Challenging myths about women in leadership

What are the assumptions holding women back from senior leadership?

How business schools and universities can drive the gender diversity agenda

Are business schools doing enough to push and prioritise gender diversity? For some, the answer is ‘not yet’.

Training & Events

Women in Business

Women in Business Expo is an exciting new event aimed at women looking for new career or business opportunities.

Female Executive Search with its MD France Dequilbec present at the Closing Event from the ESSEC Paris

Women Be European Board Ready – 11 12th September 2019  

Women be European board ready 10+1

ESSEC – April 2, 2019

Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)

INSEAD’s modular Global Executive MBA programme (GEMBA) is delivered in fully integrated campuses across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change

The INSEAD Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) is a degree programme unlike any other.

Executive Master in Finance

INSEAD prides itself in having a world-class faculty, close links to the international business community and a participative teaching style.

Press Female Executive Search Appoints New Leader APPOINTMENTS: 16-20 SEPTEMBER 2019

executivesearchnews: Female Executive Search Appoints its own Female MD Interview with France Dequilbec, International Talent Acquisition Director, CEO Worldwide, and Managing Director, Female Executive Search

Press release: Female Executive Search Appoints its own Female MD Attitudes to Gender Equality in the Boardroom Appear to be Shifting Attitudes to gender equality in the boardroom appear to be shifting, according to CEO Worldwide survey

Press release: Attitudes to gender equality in the boardroom appear to be shifting, according to new survey CEO Worldwide Announces New ‘Direct Contact’ Approach for Freelance Executives CEO Worldwide debuts Female Executive Search recruitment platform CEO Worldwide Launches Female Executive Search Female-only Executive Search firm launched CEO Worldwide launches women-only C-suite recruitment platform CEO Worldwide launches Female Executive Search