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In this SlideShare, INSEAD takes a look at the persistent myths about women executives in business that need to be shattered and replaced with clear facts.

Businesses perform better when women have the same opportunities to climb the ranks and take a lead. Join the growing group of progressive companies that promote female executive diversity in their top positions. Meet our women executives.

The Role of Mentorship and Sponsorship in DEI for C-Level Executives

The world of business now has diversity, equity, and inclusions (DEI) which are the core of a powerful organization. According to a 2020 McKinsey report, companies which are in the first quartile by race and ethnicity have a 25% better chance to outperform their peers on a financial level than companies which are in a […]

Unlocking Business Excellence Through Female Leadership

Have you ever considered the profound impact that female leadership could have on your business landscape? Imagine a corporate world where the gender gap is obsolete, and women in leadership roles are a standard, not an anomaly. Studies worldwide have consistently demonstrated that organizations with female leadership not only perform better but also innovate more […]

The Power of Female Leadership: Insights from Female Executive Search

What if the key to unlocking your company’s full potential was not just in the strategies you implement but in the diversity of your leadership team? Recent studies underscore a compelling narrative: companies with women in executive roles not only champion equality but also achieve remarkable business success. This blog unveils the significant impact female […]

Measuring Diversity Success: Key Performance Indicators for C-level Inclusivity

Imagine a C-suite brimming with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. It’s not just a picture of progress; it’s a tangible reality for companies committed to diversity in leadership, particularly through the inclusion of women. But the question remains: why does it matter so much? The answer lies in the undeniable benefits that diversity brings, not […]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Strategies for Diversity in Executive Leadership

10 Reasons Why Diverse Executive Leadership Fuels Business Success The landscape of leadership is undergoing a paradigm shift, and with it comes the undeniable recognition of the immense benefits associated with diverse executive leadership. Moving beyond monolithic boardrooms and embracing a broader spectrum of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds is no longer simply a question of […]

The ROI of Gender Diversity: Why Female Leadership Is a Game-Changer

CEOs are overwhelmingly male, but the market demands change. Consumers crave authenticity and diversity, and research shows companies with female leaders soar. Imagine stronger customer connections, innovation ignited by fresh perspectives, and a talent pool twice as vast. This isn’t just social justice, it’s smart business. Unlock the power of female leadership and watch your […]

Insight and Expertise from Female Executive Search and Robert Walters

ED&I Report- Workplace trends in North America 2024

Leading by Example: How Women in Executive Roles Are Shaping Tomorrow’s Businesses

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape , the presence of women in executive roles is becoming increasingly important. Not only do women bring unique perspectives and insights, but they also have the ability to shape corporate cultures for the better. This article will explore the representation of women in executive and leadership roles, analyze the […]

Building Success: Influence of Female Executives on Company Culture

For too long, the upper echelons of corporate leadership have been dominated by a singular demographic. However, the tide is turning. With increasing numbers of talented women shattering glass ceilings and ascending to C-suite positions, a fascinating trend is emerging: female executives are demonstrably influencing and enriching company cultures, driving company success in remarkable ways. […]

Knowing to say No – Daring to say Yes

What if saying “YES” meant being in LIFE? Recently, I received yet another customer request for … yesterday. The water drop? I realized that this way of working was creating a great deal of suffering within me. And I asked myself whether I should say YES or NO. I have stopped counting the number of […]

Women in Leadership: Empowering India’s Executive Boardrooms

In a rapidly changing global business landscape, India stands at the precipice of transformation. As a nation poised for growth and innovation, the inclusion of women in leadership roles has emerged as a critical catalyst for corporate sustainability and success. Let’s delve into the significance of empowering women in leadership positions for India’s corporate growth […]

Enabling Women to Reach the Upper Echelons of Corporate Leadership

We are happy to share France Dequilbec’s (International Talent Acquisition Director/ Managing Director at CEO Worldwide and Female Executive Search) interview in CIO magazine about her successful path to assisting companies in improving their leadership teams around the world and enabling women to reach the upper echelons of corporate leadership: “No longer will the same […]

Gender Pay Gap Among CEOs: A Cross-Continental Analysis

In corporate leadership, the gender pay gap among CEOs is a pressing issue that demands attention. This article will delve into the disparities in CEO salaries across different continents, focusing on India, the USA, and Europe. Our goal is to shed light on the challenges women face in reaching the pinnacle of corporate leadership and […]

Unlocking Success: How to Become a Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial for the success of any organization. Diversity and inclusion managers play a vital role in driving this transformation. They are the catalysts who champion equality, respect, and collaboration among employees from diverse backgrounds. They do this by developing and implementing policies and programs that promote diversity and […]



The Crucial Role of Diversity Managers in Fostering Inclusion and Equality

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values as companies become more diverse in today’s rapidly changing world. To ensure everyone feels respected and supported in the workplace, a team of dedicated professionals is needed. This team is called Diversity Managers. They are charged with creating the policies and practices that embrace diversity, fairness, and inclusion […]

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The Best Coaching Tips for Female Executives

Female c-level executives face unique challenges at the workplace, such as work-life imbalance, isolation, inequality, and imposter syndrome. Top managers play a significant role in the success of a firm, and so are effective coaching tips. Coaching can help a company achieve short- and long-term goals. This is because consistent coaching helps with skill improvement, […]

Diversity Recruitment Metrics: Setting and Tracking Goals

Diversity recruitment metrics are crucial for organizations looking to build a diverse and inclusive workforce. With growing awareness of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, companies are increasingly focused on measuring their progress in these areas. In this article, we will explore why measuring diversity recruitment is essential and look […]

How to Build a Successful Diversity Recruiting Strategy and Overcome Bias in Hiring

Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it has also been proven to impact an organization’s bottom line positively. However, despite the benefits of diversity and inclusion, many organizations struggle to implement effective strategies for recruiting a diverse workforce. One of […]