Why Female Executive Search?

How do female executives and businesses benefit from working with us as their executive recruitment agency?

Female executives advancing global business

Companies with greater gender equality at a senior level are proven to be more profitable.

Yet despite the indisputable evidence that female executives build better businesses, there is still a need for female voices to be heard.

That’s why CEO Worldwide, experts in international executive recruitment, created Female Executive Search – to connect the very best C-level female executives with the global businesses that value female leaders.

Every executive in our community is vetted against stringent criteria by CEO Worldwide for their experience and leadership qualities.

CEO Worldwide – challenging recruitment industry norms

CEO Worldwide was started in 2001 to challenge the lengthy and expensive process of recruiting international executives.

Frustrated with commission-based fees and inflexible contract terms, the team committed to:

  • Fixed recruitment fees, payable on successful placement - no surprises, finders’ fees or percentage commissions based on candidate salary
  • Flexible contract terms – contract, interim or permanent, to suit each client
  • A selection of suitable candidates supplied to clients within 10 days
  • A 100%, 12-month replacement guarantee

Since 2001, CEO Worldwide has gained a reputation for its ability to match candidates to urgent requirements, alongside its cross-border placement expertise. Its Investors on Demand service can also connect businesses with investment, when it is needed most.

In 2018, CEO Worldwide was named in Forbes' list of the best 250 US executive recruitment firms.

With over 19,000 vetted executives on its global iCEO™ database, including hundreds of  female executives, CEO Worldwide is uniquely placed to recruit the very best candidates for your executive position.



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Janet Clark

Janet Clark

If there is one thing I have learnt in the 25 years of my career, it’s the importance of role models and mentorship.

Patrick Mataix

Patrick Mataix

I believe a gender balance at top executive level is a competitive advantage for most businesses.

France Dequilbec

France Dequilbec

Although a woman may have a different approach to business, her objectives to succeed are the same.