Female iCEO Ambassador Program

Help Female Executive Search to support the advancement of female executives. Join our iCEO community as a female executive ambassador and generate additional revenues for yourself!

Join the Female Executive Ambassador Program

The evidence is clear: businesses that work to foster women’s success (as well as men’s) have been shown to significantly outperform those that don’t. And it’s not just organizations. When the number of women working increases, entire economies grow. So why are so many businesses still not bringing women into their boardrooms? It’s clear that the tide is turning and more opportunities for women will become available in top leadership roles and executive positions. Are you ready to help Female Executive Search to support the advancement of female executives in senior positions?

This is why we have created a special Female Executive Ambassador Agreement dedicated to our female candidates. If you are committed to gender and diversity balance, this is for you!

You can support your female iCEOs community and generate additional revenues for yourself!

With our commitment in mind, we would like to propose a mutually beneficial cooperation between you and us. We are ready to share our closing fees equally with you (50% of our fixed fees specific by region – see our recruitment fees) for any job opportunity (interim, and/or permanent) you redirect to us and which will be filled by another iCEO.

I invite you to view, complete and sign your iCEO Ambassador Agreement.

Once received, we will come back to you in order to share our key differentiators, and set up your marketing networking tools with embedded personalized tracking.

We are pleased to receive interesting C-level needs (consulting, interim, permanent) around the world from our iCEO Ambassadors for the benefit of all of our female and male iCEOs community and for the benefit of a better balanced business world at top level.

France Dequilbec, Managing Director

France Dequilbec, Managing Director @ Female Executive Search