Fixed executive recruitment fees specific by region

A fixed executive recruitment fee (not as a percentage of the salary) specific by region and unique for any salary. Paid only when the candidate is hired (no retainer). Includes a 12 months replacement guarantee.

 Continental EuropeUKUSA & ROWIndia
Permanent Placement Fees25,000 Euros20,000 GBP30,000 USD950,000 INR*
Interim Assignment Monthly Fees2,500 Euros/month2,000 GBP/month3,000 USD/month95,000 INR/month*
Special “Gender Diversity NED” Fees 17,500 Euros14,000 GBP21,000 USD665,000 INR*
Job Posting Fees (for one month)**450 Euros400 GBP500 USD40,000 INR*
** Unlimited candidate applications* Net of Withholding Tax

Permanent Placement Fees
Continental Europe: 25,000 EUR
UK: 20,000 GBP
USA & ROW: 30,000 USD
India: 950,000 INR*

Interim Assignment Monthly Fees
Continental Europe: 2,500 EUR/month
UK: 2,000 GBP/month
USA & ROW: 3,000 USD/month
India: 95,000 INR/month*

Special “Gender Diversity NED” Fees
Continental Europe: 17,500 Euros
UK: 14,000 GBP
USA & ROW: 21,000 USD
India: 665,000 INR*

Job Posting Fees (for one month)**
Continental Europe: 450 Euros
UK: 400 GBP
USA & ROW: 500 USD
India: 40,000 INR*

* Net of Withholding Tax, **Unlimited candidate applications

We will send you a selection of the best profiles within a few days and without any financial obligation on your part.