Patrick Mataix on Bridging the Gender Gap With Female Executive Search

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What is the story behind Female Executive Search?

The majority of the women we have interviewed over the past 4 years (more than 350 across the globe) testify how difficult it is for them to access top level management or board positions. There is no room for error and they have to continuously outperform their male colleagues. Still, at the end of the month their paychecks prove the inequality of perception by a staggering gender pay gap of above 20%.

Where competencies fit, we systematically present one female and one male for every position. 20% of these placements are female, a figure that has grown by 50% in the past six months. We have placed women in CEO positions globally. There have also been strides made in regulations around the world, with quotas being brought in for board and management level positions. Of course, there’s still work to be done—especially as the world recovers from the impact of the COVID crisis; something that impacted the careers of women more so than men…

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