Vanessa: Sales & Marketing Director - USA

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iCEO™: 1549
Position: Sales & Marketing Director
Nationality: USA
Home Country: Belgium


Highly successful start-up executive of enterprise software businesses, with strong leadership and extensive EMEA and US sales, marketing and professional services experience.

Major Achievements

Grew EMEA business from $0 to $19M, 1 to 45 people, established partnerships with over 700 organizations in 3 years, profitable, highly increased the company valuation.

Industry Sector Competencies

• E-Commerce/Internet
• IT/Computer Hardware
• Software

Professional Objectives

• Function: GM/COO/CEO, SR/Executive VP, VP Sales/Marketing
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Availability: Full time
• Prefered Locations: based in Belgium, but extensive travel is no issue

Countries Covered

• Belgium

Operational Competencies

• Technologies to market (Expert)
• Business development (Expert)
• Acquisition and shadow management (Professional)
• New product or service launch (Expert)
• Geographical expansion (Expert)
• Close down or sell off (Professional)
• Pre or post investment audit (Professional)


Home Country:
Full time
College Degree, Institute of Economics, Swidnica, Poland
English, French
Management experience:
More than 15 years
Company size:
Start-up, SMB, Multinational
Interim Manager: