Lori: Sales & Marketing Director - USA

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iCEO™: 48420
Position: Sales & Marketing Director
Nationality: USA
Home Country: USA


A results-driven professional 8 years retail grocery experience/ broker management and 15 years of food service distribution. Sales & Marketing Specialist in brand & product development, operations, sales management, new business development, and marketing, 15+ years of experience leading people to a common goal of driving growth and profitability in diverse industries

Major Achievements

● Fifteen Years experience of food service distributor sales management and national account management of regions exceeding $23M yearly. ● Selecting a fulfillment company to create effective distribution outlets for a company’s retail line; establishing a national presence. ● Eight years building and managing a new product line, developed new product launch initiated relationships and a database of 100 brokers and buyers for super markets nationally grocery division as well drug stores and house wares both in Frozen and Grocery. Within 2 years managed over 1 million dollar in sales from a 0 base. ● Generating $1M in added annual profits by producing a monthly newsletter to market new items and sales on overstocked items. ● Increasing advertising opportunities, comprising 70% of overall revenues, while boosting online viewing time from 4 to 12 minutes. ● Spearheading marketing programs and expanding product lines, driving sales from $10M annually to a record-setting $23M. ● Overseeing operations, P&L, stock levels, employee training and developed customer satisfaction programs cross promoting in house service and retail lines for a multi million dollar restaurant group.

Industry Sector Competencies

• E-Commerce/Internet
• Consumer Goods
• food service
• food and Restaurant

Professional Objectives

• Function: Regional sales or marketing/ Sales and or Marketing management/ Sales Training
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Availability: Full time
• Prefered Locations: Base in California home or office LA County

Additional Professional Interests

• Non Executive Director Assignments

Countries Covered


Operational Competencies

• Business development (Expert)
• New product or service launch (Professional)
• Geographical expansion (Professional)
• Company rescue or turnaround (Professional)


Home Country:
Full time
College but no degree
Management experience:
More than 10 years
Company size:
Start-up, SMB
Interim Manager: