Hatice: CFO/Chief Financial Officer - Turkey

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iCEO™: 40334
Position: CFO/Chief Financial Officer
Nationality: Turkey
Home Country: Turkey


CFO of a holding company for 5 years ,operating in logistics cargo,Techonology, plastics, educatıon sectors, which is the leader of logistics&cargo sector,business consultant.

Major Achievements

ERP implementatıon in Finance, Accounting, Budget, Purchasing for 15000 employees ,established control systems for cost/profit for 700 points and managed to increase profit, extensive experience in redesigning systems in companies operating with agencies,mergers and aquisitions,cost management,valuation

Industry Sector Competencies

• E-Commerce/Internet
• Consumer Goods
• Food and Beverage
• Financial Services
• Technology,Cargo & logistics

Professional Objectives

• Function: CFO, CEO,Consultant
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Availability: Full time, Part time, Coaching on demand
• Prefered Locations: Turkey

Additional Professional Interests

• Operational Coaching on demand

Countries Covered

• Germany
• Greece
• Romania
• Turkey
• UK

Area of Experiences

• Accounting (Consolidation, IFRS Norm, US GAAP - UK GAAP)
• Financial control (Plan MT - Business plan, Budgets - Reporting, Cost price, Return of investment, Multi-annual contracts, ABC ABM / Balance scorecard, Negotiation of acquisition, Preparation of shut down, Valuation)
• Treasury (International)
• Capital operations (Capital increase, Financial Communication)
• Information systems (ERP implementation, IT projects)
• Law and Finances (Fiscal)
• Other areas (Strategy, Company Rescue (Crisis Management), Risk Management, Internal Audit)


Home Country:
Full time
Part time
Coaching on demand
English, Turkish
Management experience:
More than 15 years
Company size:
Start-up, SMB, Multinational
Interim Manager: