Delphine: COO/Managing Director - France

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iCEO™: 50143
Position: COO/Managing Director
Nationality: France
Home Country: France


International relations deputy manager for 6 years. I managed 8 personns, and others units through the company for the government. I was in charge of international patnerships in the 5 continents for severals sectors.

Major Achievements

 Major Files: «Shanghai 2010» universal exhibition for 6 months, Rugby World Cup 2007: 6 welcomed nations, 3 biennal of Design: 54 exhibitors countries & 85 000 visitors in 2008, important mission in 2005 for 10 days in China for 25 contractors  Results: 20 missions abroad, approximately 400 days of official visits for 886 accompanied persons, conventions, development of the international unit : 2003, 3 employees, 2009, 8 employees,

Industry Sector Competencies

• E-Commerce/Internet
• Leisure Industry
• Public Sector
• corporate tourism

Professional Objectives

• Function: OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE, to manage team and operations, or ALLIANCES MANAGER, to develop partnerships.
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Availability: Full time
• Prefered Locations: South France-Switzerland-Gibraltar-Australia-USA

Countries Covered

• France

Operational Competencies

• Acquisition and shadow management (Professional)
• Geographical expansion (Professional)


Home Country:
Full time
Advanced degree Marketing and Tourist Production
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Management experience:
More than 10 years
Company size:
Interim Manager: