Catherine: Human Resources Director - France

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iCEO™: 71677
Position: Human Resources Director
Nationality: France
Home Country: France


Specialised in Change Management and Human Resources (HR) Transformation, I am experienced HR Director working in complex and multi sites environments. Adaptable, pragmatic and responsive, I am a leader with excellent work ethic.

Major Achievements

- Responsible fo the dissolution by law of the Company with effect December 31 - Successfully repositioned 100 percent of employees including 80 civil servants - Implementation of HRIS (ADP) within 6 months time (go live January 1st) with change in collective agreement, merger, guarantee on the net income, and specific status of civil servants - Negotiation of company agreements in the new structure being created (group of companies). - Reorganized fully the HR functions & services, with digitalizition of all processes

Industry Sector Competencies

• Consumer Goods
• Plastics
• mecanical
• Public Sector

Professional Objectives

• Function: HR Director
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Availability: Full time, Coaching on demand
• Prefered Locations: france

Additional Professional Interests

• Operational Coaching on demand
• Non Executive Director Assignments

Countries Covered

• Belgium
• France

Operational Competencies

• Acquisition and shadow management (Professional)
• Geographical expansion (Professional)
• Company rescue or turnaround (Professional)
• Pre or post investment audit (Professional)


Home Country:
Full time
Coaching on demand
master degree
English, French
Management experience:
More than 15 years
Company size: