Anni: CFO/Chief Financial Officer - Denmark

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iCEO™: 77965
Position: CFO/Chief Financial Officer
Nationality: Denmark
Home Country: Denmark


CFO at high-end company of high-end tech company with ethical data brand (Personal Dtata Store pinciple/PODs) Co-founder of Valuation and performance intelligent software business Professional board-member in tech companies Co-founder of dataacademies (research based for practitioners)

Major Achievements

Business model design and strategy, incl. embedding UN Sustainable development Goals Financial and business impact Value derived from big data and digital transformation of business The impact on Ethics on valuation and performance

Industry Sector Competencies

• Software
• Financial Services
• Healthcare
• Private Equity
• Personal Data Stores

Professional Objectives

• Function: Board positions and interim CFO position
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Availability: Part time
• Prefered Locations: Europe and New York City/US

Additional Professional Interests

• Non Executive Director Assignments

Countries Covered

• Denmark

Area of Experiences

• Accounting ( IFRS Norm)
• Financial control (Plan MT - Business plan, Budgets - Reporting, Cost price, Return of investment, Multi-annual contracts, ABC ABM / Balance scorecard, Preparation of shut down, Valuation)
• Treasury (International, Financing, Software)
• Capital operations (Capital increase, Financial Communication)
• Information systems (ERP implementation, IT projects)
• Law and Finances (Legal department, Real estate, Insurance)
• Other areas (Strategy, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Quality)


Home Country:
Part time
State Authorized Public Accountant, E-MBA at CBS, Board Certificate INSEAD
Danish, English, German
Management experience:
More than 15 years
Company size:
Start-up, SMB, Multinational
Founder or co-founder: