Ref No. Position Investment Country Sector Duration
3144 CEO no India, Gujarat Plastics / Packaging / Automotive / Machinery manufacturing industry Permanent position


As leader of the executive team, the Chief Executive Officer will assess the business strategy and develop an action plan to lead the Company into its next growth phase. The new Chief Executive Officer will leverage the Company’s strengths and address its weaknesses to create a strategically sustainable growth platform that is well-prepared to achieve future growth objectives. The CEO oversees all aspects of the business, operations, sales and marketing, procurement, engineering, finance, and all related corporate support functions. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for analyzing current and future business and operational improvement opportunities for the Company, analyzing and setting strategic direction for the organization, aligning the organization’s management team to drive orders, sales and cash flow, and the implementation of best-in-class industrial manufacturing practices.


  • The incoming Chief Executive Officer will have significant strategic and operational latitude to grow the Company into an industrial leader. Specifically he will be responsible for:
  • Developing a long term strategic plan to enhance the Company’s competitive positioning and promote new orders, sales, profitability, and growth;
  • Identifying areas of opportunity for short and long term change to improve profitability and reduce lead times including engineering, strategic sourcing, manufacturing, finance and IT;
  • Oversee company operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost effective management of resources;
  • Act as an effective agent of change, driving aggressive operational improvement, creating a sense of urgency and accountability within the organization and re-inventing as necessary to improve the overall execution of the Company;
  • Working closely with the Board of Directors to assess corporate strategies as well as immediate operational and financial performance;
  • Forecasting, projecting trends, and managing annual budgets to proactively direct the financial viability of the overall business and achieve desired P&L objectives;
  • Providing ongoing, detailed and substantive communication to the Shareholders, Board of Directors, as well as the entire leadership team;
  • Providing leadership and direction to the management organization; earning the respect of the employees and inspiring confidence that drives continued improvement in operations and development
  • Assessing the existing senior management team, leveraging talent to best advantage and selectively supplementing with specific expertise as needed. YEAR ONE CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS: With an eye towards growth, the CEO will lead and execute the core focus areas:
  • Implementation of effective system for Inventory Management
  • Financially sound to manage cash flow better.
  • Professionalization of key personnel and key processes
  • Quality program – internal and external
  • Improve employee engagement and morale
  • Improve the Company`s brand in the market we operate
  • Overseeing execution of new green field factory project


Permanent position


Q4 2022

Main business activity

The Company (Joint Venture with an international group) is a leading producer of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing ie central vacuum conveying systems, drying systems, gravimetric blending systems, chillers and mold temperature control units, crystallizers, granulators and more for polymer processors.


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