Google Female Executive

Google Female Executive
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As we celebrate Women’s Day and International Women’s Day, I decided to write about the history of Google female executive. No doubt Google has been on the forefront of gender equality.

Back in 2015, Google’s former vice president of global search marketing, Marissa Mayer, made headlines after the birth of her son. Mayer, who worked over 120 hours a week at Google, decided that she would take 12 weeks of maternity leave. She received criticism from both male and female executives alike. There was a lot of speculation about why she was being criticized. After all, she didn’t want to work full-time. She still continued to work and informed her employees that she would come back to them in the future.

Female Google’s are a pretty famous bunch. From Susan Wojcicki to Megan Smith to Ruth Porat, there’s a long list of female executives that have risen through the ranks at Google over the years. To celebrate International Women’s Day we decided to put together a timeline of some of the most notable women to have graced the halls of Google.

The New Addition To The Google Female Executive List

The position of the Chief Executive Officer is one of the highest ranking executive roles in an organization. This focuses on the female CEOs of some of the largest companies in the United States. The success of these women may give hope to other women that the glass ceiling is not unbreakable.

Military contractor Lockheed Martin announced in January that its former CEO, Marilyn Hewson, would become the company’s next CEO, replacing outgoing leader Robert Stevens. She’s the first woman to lead the company and one of a tiny minority of women CEOs running S&P 500 companies.

Google Female Executive
Google Female Executive

Marilyn Hewson has been given the role of CEO at the aerospace and defense company, Lockheed Martin. She takes over from the retiring Robert Stevens. This is the first time a woman has taken the top spot at Lockheed Martin and so we think it’s important to highlight her as one of the most powerful women leaders in America. Aside from the contributions that Marilyn Hewson has done as a CEO, she has also devoted a major part of her time in philanthropy. She has also supported the US business community, and this has amassed her lot of respect in the industry.

 How the female executives at Google have contributed towards growth

Even though the female executives at Google are labeled as aggressive and bossy and are called out for their abrasive nature in the workplace, these ladies of Google have contributed a lot more towards the growth of the company from the mere fact that they have been able to handle the whole engine on their own.

Google has made some pretty impressive strides in gender equality in the workplace. With three female executives in their ranks, they have a female to male employee ratio of 1:6. These are Google female executive who have led hundreds of teams and have contributed to millions of customers.

Today, companies across the globe are facing stiff competition in the form of startups and even established companies. These organizations are forced to innovate and are looking for new ways to improve their revenue. Google has been facing these challenges and has been aggressively looking for ways to improve its business. The company has been facing a talent crunch and it has been leveraging external resources. It has been looking to improve its innovation capability. The female executives of Google have been instrumental in this process.

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