Ref No. Position Investment Country Sector Duration
2835 COO/Managing Director no USA, Nationwide (ideally Orange County or Dallas) Technology security and safety systems 3 months


The company needs to strengthen its senior team and is seeking an interim Chief Operating Office (COO) with a view to then moving to become permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) if it works for both the company and the individual.


  • Business unit performance including sales & profit growth and operational effectiveness: 1. US Dealer Channel Sales Growth: The US ‘dealer channel’ is the main value driver and it must become the business’s main sales force: able to find, win, deliver and support their end-customers’ with minimal support from the company who will undertake the real-time monitoring in its hubs. 2. Group sales, operations delivery and profit growth: In addition to the US dealer channel above, the COO will be responsible for growth in the other three revenue business units in the Group. a. US Existing Clients – many clients have been served direct by the businesses within the group and we will continue to serve them as before. There is significant growth opportunity in these clients but also a need to improve the service and support to them. New opportunities will be fed into the dealer channel partners potentially with some additional project management support depending in the size of the customer need being considered. b. Great Britain – where a change programme is underway to transform the small and underperforming business unit into a high growth platform for consolidation. This includes strengthening the management team and investing in a new office for the majority of staff. c. Ireland – the company has a strong position in this market and is integral to the management of the company’s operations worldwide. In addition to the business units two main functions will also report to the COO: d. Monitoring Operations where a common software platform is being rolled out across the hubs to improve performance. e. Product Technology Development responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the technology product platform. 3. Strategy development and delivery: The COO as a member of the top team will play an important role in charting the strategic development of the group. Above all the COO will be good at focusing and aligning the organisation on the ‘must win battles’ and driving delivery of the strategy. 4. Top team building: The COO will work closely with the Board, CEO and Executive team to build a strong and highly successful senior team with a strong succession pipeline.


3 months


Q3 2019

Main business activity

- The company operates in the business services market offering technology security and safety systems with monitoring undertaken in hubs located in N. America and Europe. - The business is comprised of four businesses that were acquired to create a larger group and where back office synergies are being delivered and sales growth is being invested in.


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