Ref No. Position Investment Country Sector Duration
3112 Chief Marketing Officer (Part-Time/Full-Time/Advisory) no Flexible - USA preferred, Flexible - USA preferred SaaS Permanent position


The company is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as well as being one of the company`s shareholders (250K USD investment required). As CMO, you will be responsible for defining and implementing the company`s marketing and growth programs. You will be able to roll up your sleeves to get started and will have the resources to build a team, internally and externally, to help you execute on the strategy you develop.


  • You will work directly with the Co-Founder/CEO and taking full ownership of company`s online presence and customer acquisition programs. To be successful, you will already have experience building and running personalized inbound/outbound marketing campaigns to drive consistent sales revenue growth. Example work in this role: ● Create and own the go-to-market (GTM) strategy for new products & features. You will set clear objectives and goals, research and define target audiences, develop marketing and communication strategies, and measure adoption. You will also conduct customer research and apply your insights to these and other initiatives. ● Drive the evolution of our brand positioning, bringing it to life in a clear and consistent way that resonates with and motivates our target audiences. You will promote the company as an innovator to the press and public and oversee outbound customer-facing communications across our website, blog, and social channels. ● Collaborate and lead across the organization. You will represent the voice of the customer within the organization, bringing your insights to cross-functional stakeholders across product, design, user experience, engineering, and executive leadership. You will also lead and mentor a growing team of marketers across a broad set of functions including product marketing, partner marketing, content and brand. ● Deepen relationships with key partners. You will nurture existing relationships with key partners, aligning on mutual goals and driving adoption through a variety of co-marketing efforts. ● Build a marketing department. Identify talent needs, hire and manage a high-performing integrated marketing team.


Permanent position


Q2 2022

Main business activity

The company, first of its kind SaaS startup in a new `Future Of Work` category of `Virtual Visual Workspace` where it helps remote first and hybrid teams experience physical offices in an online environment through its Platform. This gives everyone flexibility to be together with everyone from anywhere while being more productive and happy.


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