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Viviane de Beaufort

Viviane de Beaufort

PHD in Law, Tenure professor at ESSEC Business School, Jean Monnet chair, Director of the European Centre Law and Economics   View short bio | Watch her video

Viviane's Insight Papers

Women and their relationship to Power: Taboo or new Corporate Governance Model?

Women QUOTAS or /and efficiency on BOARDS?

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iCEO™ #65159
Position: Business Development Director
Nationality: France
Home Country: France


iCEO™ #54286
Position: COO/Managing Director
Nationality: Denmark
Home Country: Denmark


iCEO™ #78348
Position: COO/Managing Director
Nationality: France
Home Country: Hong Kong


iCEO™ #69229
Position: Executive Consultant
Nationality: USA
Home Country: USA


iCEO™ #16684
Position: COO/Managing Director
Nationality: Australian Antarctic Territory
Home Country: Netherlands (The)


iCEO™ #78350
Position: COO/Managing Director
Nationality: UK
Home Country: UK


iCEO™ #51299
Position: Business Development Director
Nationality: Russia
Home Country: Russia


iCEO™ #60901
Position: Human Resources Director
Nationality: Belgium
Home Country: Belgium


iCEO™ #44444
Position: CTO/Chief Technical Officer
Nationality: Austria
Home Country: Austria


iCEO™ #51779
Position: General Counsel
Nationality: India
Home Country: India


iCEO™ #70901
Position: Human Resources Director
Nationality: Australia
Home Country: UK
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