Ref No. Position Investment Country Sector Duration
2923 CEO no India, Mumbai Permanent position


To take a CEO position to ensure profitability and growth of this software start up company (100% owned by an industrial conglomerate (2500+ people, 130+ M USD revenue)), as well as being one of the company`s shareholders (200-300K USD investment required)


  • Monitoring the internal and external environment and exhibiting Leadership abilities in bringing about change in the organisation as required.
  • Determining competitive strategy – at both the market and the value-addition ends of the organisation.
  • Setting organizational short and long term goals and ensuring achievement of the same.
  • Resource allocation- deciding the organisation structure, roles and priorities and authorising important decisions and/or delegation of powers
  • Processing information – Supervising and ensuring Design and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures to ensure information required for running the organisation is properly channelled and disseminated appropriately to the point of use.
  • Being a link between the organisation and the external environment, including share holders, customers, suppliers and relevant sections of society.
  • Negotiating and guiding relationship with such external stakeholders.
  • Enhancing brand image
  • Organisation development : Motivation – ensuring an environment that keeps performers motivated and aligned with the strategy; capability building; work culture change engagement capacity building, latest technology.
  • Monitoring and Control of all resources including Human and Financial
  • Protect the interest of the Board
  • Create awareness in the organisation of the functionality of HR in the right software architecture.


Permanent position


Q3 2020

Main business activity

The Company is an high end niche player in the HR consulting sector through a range of value added business intelligence software products in combination with HR advisory services.


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