Ref No. Position Investment Country Sector Duration
3011 CTO/Chief Technical Officer no USA, New York Global consulting and digital services Permanent position


The company is looking for a CTO and relentless Agile leader to bring change and growth by converting the company`s growth, experience, product development and technology services teams to SAFe agile. This role will span the full range and scale of Agile Transformation – from small ‘essential’ consulting projects, to large ‘program portfolios’ and true digital product development. This is a key role and opportunity to lead change at a global scale.


  • Spearhead the effort to convert SaaS and consulting product teams across the company to SAFe agile.
  • Create, standarize and adopt tools & methods to enable distributed agile and DevOps culture.
  • Guide teams and clients to shift their mindset from scope, time and cost to quality speed, and value.
  • Provide hands-on support to teams standing up global SAFe agile and provide ongoing coaching to those teams to ensure best agile practices are enforced.
  • Inspire, empower and train teams using the SAFe agile curriculum and certification paths.


Permanent position


Q3 2021

Main business activity

Global consulting services company that provides media relations, loyalty programs, branding, digital transformation, application development and advertising.


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